A” DID Book” or a design intent document  is the design elements that your OEM and their design team has put together to help you understand what the project should like at the end and the pieces and parts that go into it.

Many of these elements are required in your project to ensure you are “compliant” at the end of your build. These image items include everything from the floor tile, lighting, paint colors, wall coverings and furniture and more. These image programs also include the exterior design items that give each manufacturer their signature look.


This almost always involves the “Entry Element”, combined with the exterior and interior finishes that give each dealership its unique branded and consistent look from store to store.These Image packages are very comprehensive, they will include vendor names & contacts, model numbers, pre-approved color pallets, options and some alternatives for most materials.


Let us know what manufacturer's your interested in and where to send it and we will send you a generic version of those Manufacturer's DID books to start to give you a better idea for you next facility’s project.